Don’t Jump into the Art Business without Studying the Art Business

It is quite common to find new academic offerings in the arts such as Christie’s Arts degree programs or educational opportunity’s like Harvard Business School’s art society, that provided private tours, exclusive tickets, and opportunities to meet the major players in the art world. Art is quite popular, and everyone wants to be part of the field. However, there is a shift from understanding art history to the strong understanding of business principles and a few industry buzzwords. It was the reminder from an article written in the Wall Street Journal written by Ellen Gamerman that prompted a much-needed reminder for people exploring the creative industry. Ms. Gamerman quotes Michael  Findlay of Acquavella:

“I don’t think there’s really much depth of knowledge among some of the people who get very quickly involved in it,” said Michael Findlay, director of New York’s Acquavella Galleries. “The person who is involved should be building their own convictions, their own insight and their own taste based on experience, not just based on the results of Sotheby’s or Christie’s contemporary sales a month ago—that’s not how taste is formed.”

Money makes the world turn, but understanding WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT is crucial to success and understanding. You can read the article here.


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