Sugarcane Magazine is Now Accepting Submissions

Sugarcane Magazine is the première online destination for all things art by people from Africa and the African Diaspora.

  • Who can contribute to Sugarcane Magazine? We accept submissions of original content about artists from Africa and the African diaspora.
  • What kind of content are we interested in publishing? We are looking for essays, short stories, editorials, reviews, poetry, music, and photojournalism.
  • Only original, unpublished work will be considered for publication.
  • Art must be created by visual artists of African descent.

All essays, editorials, short stories, and reviews must be between 900 and 1,800 words. *** PLEASE NOTE THAT WE PUBLISH IN ENGLISH. We will publish bilingual text. However, the author must provide an English translation.*****

  • There is no submission fee.
  • Approved submissions are eligible for payment
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