The New Georgia Project Participates in Free Art Friday

The New Georgia Project is constantly finding new ways to merge culture and engagement in our democratic process. Since the organization’s inception, it has been a priority to ensure that barriers are removed and young Black and brown Georgians have access to participate in our democratic process.

Today, the organization is participating in Free Art Friday which is a social media driven event to which artists drop free art pieces in public spaces on a Friday, post a pic and clues to their IG, and the lucky finder shouts the artist out and posts their findings on their own social media.

The New Georgia Project’s #ArtAtThePolls places a special twist on Free Art Friday on the last day of early voting in Georgia. Over 50 artists will drop their free art pieces at early polling sites throughout the Atlanta metro area and post messages that encourage people to get to their polling location if they have not voted. 

The organization highlights that Charly Palmer will inconspicuously place 4 signed copies of his famed July “Time” magazine cover at unknown early voting locations for community members to find via hints he provides on his social media. 

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