Poetry Spotlight: Truth by Indigo Williams from the Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks

Indigo Williams
Indigo’s work has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Bespoken Word, TEDx Brixton, Glastonbury Festival and Cheltenham Literature Festival. She has facilitated workshops across Europe, Bangladesh and Nigeria. She is a spoken word educator working full-time in a secondary school as part of the pioneering Spoken Word Educators programme in conjunction with Goldsmiths University.


Borrowing a line from Gwendolyn Brooks’s “Truth”
Sister, let us pretend we are ribbon haired girls again and
that our bodies sing to us instead of men. Come, maybe if
we try hard enough we will remember a song or a sun
before catcalls or boys that stalk with good intentions. It comes
back to me sometimes, the child body, smooth and free, how
I made angels with waving limbs. This poem’s wings shall
send us skirts parachuting back to the green, green grass we
loved on our backs. Sister, let us pretend the world is safe. Greet
every strange man with lemonade and pick daisies. For Him?

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