Nieuwe Instituut and Tilting Axis Launch Fellowship Program for Caribbean Based Artists

Nieuwe Instituut and Tilting Axis are launching the fifth iteration of the Fellowship programme for applicants based in the Caribbean. The initiative aims to foster and support research-based practices and stimulate mutual exchange between the Caribbean region and the Dutch cultural field. Together with the leading partners—Nieuwe Instituut and Tilting Axis—other cultural institutions including Amsterdam Museum, De Appel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and Kunstinstituut Melly will engage with the selected applicant during the Fellowship.

About the Fellowship
This Fellowship focuses on applicants living and working within the Caribbean region offering the space to think through research and practice. The selected applicant will be based in Rotterdam at the Nieuwe Instituut and have access to other partner cultural institutions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The Fellowship will be developed through independent research; augmented by individual support and interaction with the Research team at the Nieuwe Instituut; participate in monthly meetings to discuss thematic and methodological aspects of the project; and will engage in diverse collaborations with partner institutions.

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal that addresses their current investigations and research interests through the lens of architecture, design, and digital culture.

Read more about the past editions of the Tilting Axis Fellowship with Fellow Sean Leonard in 2020–2021, Fernando Martirena and Anadis González in 2021–2022, Israel Mapp in 2023, and Klieon John in 2024.

For whom?
A researcher, designer, writer, curator, or cultural producer based in the Caribbean region who is interested in building new links with cultural institutions in the Netherlands, and developing the research practice around themes related to architecture, spatial practice, design or digital culture.

Resources offered by the Fellowship
–Stimulate and visualise curatorial, design, and artistic realities coming from the Caribbean region;
–Enhance knowledge exchange and collaboration with a cross-section of Dutch cultural institutions;
–Network and exchange with a variety of platforms for professional experience;
–Produce critical knowledge on inter-disciplinary exchanges as well as visual culture;
–Offer practical support for travel to the Netherlands;
–Engage with hosting and collaborating institutions to interrogate and challenge their institutional structures and methodologies;
–Utilise the existing Tilting Axis network.

The Fellow will be invited to:
–Make a series of presentations in Rotterdam & Amsterdam at host and partner institutions on their research/practice;
–Produce a monthly text/sound/video/photo essay as potential options to be discussed with the fellow. The fellow’s research could lead to an installation, exhibition, or further events at partner institutions during or after the Fellowship;
–Write a final reflective report on the Fellowship experience. This is required and will be posted on the websites of Tilting Axis and the Nieuwe Instituut, with links to the partner institutions.

The Fellow is not expected to produce an outcome or finished artwork or product but will be encouraged to present their ongoing research interests to the public whilst in the Netherlands. The research will also be published via the Nieuwe Instituut and partner institutions’ websites, newsletters, or other publications.

Crossovers programme
This Fellowship is part of the Nieuwe Instituut’s crossovers programme that aims to stimulate the international exchange of knowledge and research through collaborative fellowships, events, exhibitions, and publications involving designers, researchers, and partners across the world. Broader alliances can contribute to cultural and political change, and eventually to policy adjustments.

More information
Read more about the Tilting Axis Fellowship and the call for applications on the websites of the Nieuwe Instituut and Tilting Axis.

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