This Week In Caribbean Art and Culture” Podcast Set To Spotlight The Insights Into The Most Creative Caribbean Arts Innovators

The Caribbean holds an immense amount of cultural significance globally. This month celebrating Arts and Humanities month provided the perfect backdrop for launching the “This Week In Caribbean Art and Culture” podcast hosted by three women powerhouse arts advocates. The weekly one-hour podcast is hosted by Sugarcane Magazine publisher Melissa Hunter Davis, Susie Wong Presents’ Susanne Fredricks, and Curator Maria Elena Ortiz. The three women have their finger on the pulse of the arts and culture within the Caribbean landscape, on the latest news in Caribbean life from all over the English, Spanish and French-speaking Caribbean.
Black art is so diverse. To grasp the African Diaspora, one must include the Caribbean. The Caribbean region is rich with creativity to stretch from the Southern Hemispheres to North America and Europe. This Week In Caribbean Art and Culture” shares the inside stories of the people behind the scenes in the art world in the Caribbean.

The first episode, which debuted Thursday, October 7th, featured in an interview with Joanne Hyppolite. She is a curator at the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the President Of The Board Of Directors at Museums Association of the Caribbean. She shared the upcoming details of the Museums Association of the Caribbean Conference: Cultivating Resilience in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites that will take place online this year from November 3—5.

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