CCA Tel Aviv Presents South African Artist

CCA Tel Aviv is pleased to announce its 2020 exhibition programme. Situated in the heart of the city, CCA Tel Aviv is Israel’s foremost contemporary art institution, leading the forefront of the Israeli art scene for over 20 years, housing and commissioning works of major and emerging artists both locally and internationally.

This coming year, CCA will collaborate with major art institutions locally and internationally to showcase 9 exhibitions, 8 solo and 1 major group exhibition, bringing together artists from around the globe. Among the 8 solo exhibitions, 4 will be devoted to the work of Sharif Waked, South African artist Nicholas Hlobo, Irma Blank, Enrique Ramírez, spanning from installation to drawing, from video to sculpture. 2020 will also bring one major group exhibition to CCA Tel Aviv, NOT IN MY NAME (working title), presenting works by artists do not work along and do not work under their own name. “NOT IN MY NAME (working title)” includes time-based art and site-specific installations and it will be accompanied by a rich educational program including artists talks, curator tours, panel discussions and kids’ workshops.Nicholas Hlobo (*1975, Cape Town; lives and works in Johannesburg) creates large sculptural structures and works on paper that explore ethnicity, masculinity, and sexual identity. 

Nicholas Hlobo desire to ‘deconstruct’ pillars of civilization is often directed toward the relationship between image and language, which he questions through the conceptual employment of Islamic calligraphy and arabesques, and the opposition between abstraction and figuration, which he dismantles via the creation and appropriation of mosaiced and pixelized images.

On the occasion of his exhibition at CCA Tel Aviv, Waked will present existing works alongside new works through a display specially conceived for the center ground and first floor gallery. The exhibition will include works from series – such as “Dot-Txt,” “Just A Moment,” and “Arabesque” – never presented before in Israel, as well as his iconic videos Chic Point (2003), To Be Continued (2009), and Bath Time (2012). The exhibition is curated by CCA Tel Aviv director Nicola Trezzi and it will be accompanied by a printed matter in English, Hebrew and Arabic.     

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