Latinx Shine Light on Latin American Artists

What is Latinx art, and what are the conversations taking place nationally that surround that term? What does the Latinx art conversation look like in Miami? How is this national discussion different when viewed through Miami’s particular social, cultural, economic and political lens?That is the focus of Latinx Art Sessions, a two-day program (January 24-25, 2019) led by South Florida’s cultural arts leaders ArtCenter/South Florida and Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). The goal of the program is to bring together artists and art industry leaders to advance this field by exploring the conversation from Miami and by developing original scholarship and research on the subject as Latinx continues to gain momentum nationwide.Latinx reconsiders artists of Latin American descent whose practice is informed by a lived U.S. experience. This often-debated term encompasses a heterogeneous group of artists who often portray notions of multilingualism, creolization, and migration, and whose work often illustrates shifting identities rooted in multiple cultural locations.Latinx is an inclusive term, initially introduced to subvert the gender binary of the Spanish language, as an alternative to the term Latino/a. In the visual arts, Latinx Art Sessions aims to enhance the visibility of U.S. Latinx art and artists in public exhibitions, public art spaces, private, and institutional collections and academia.Through a series of public programs, Latinx Art Sessions is a future-oriented call to action and platform for conversation for heightened visibility, solidarity, and access to mobility within the field.This program is organized by María Elena Ortiz Associate Curator, PAMM; Naiomy Guerrero, DAMLI Curatorial Fellow, PAMM; and Natalia Zuluaga, Director, [NAME] Publications.

Program:Thursday, January 24, 2019
Felix González-Torres, A LatinX Case Study

This presentation looks at the significance of Felix-González-Torres within this discourse through a queer and latinx lense. More broadly, this panel also aims to discuss questions of gender in latinidad.
Location: PAMM
Moderator: María Elena Ortiz
Panel participants: Teresita Fernández, Artist; Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson, Associate Professor, Performance Studies, Northwestern School of Communication; and C. Ondine Chavoya, Professor of Art, Latino/a Studies, Williams College Friday, January 25, 2019
Studio Visits at ArtCenter/South Florida 
(For ArtCenter Residents only)
Location: ArtCenter/South Florida
Participants: Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, Program Officer, Creativity and Free Expression, Ford Foundation and Daniel Joseph Martinez, Artist 2–6pm
Panel Sessions at Pérez Art Museum Miami 2–3:30pm
Disrupting Binaries in Latinidad

A discussion about the way U.S. Latinx artists disrupt the racial binaries in the U.S.
Moderator: Naiomy Guerrero
Panel participants: Daniel Joseph Martinez, Artist; Janel Martinez, AintiLatina Founder; and Morel Doucet, Artist, ArtCenter/South Florida resident4–5:30pm
Holding the door open: Latinx Art Miami

This closing panel will consider questions of solidarity, representation, and visibility and what they may mean for Miami’s Latinx art community.
Moderator: Natalia Zuluaga
Panel participants: Amalia Mesa Bains, Artist; Juana Valdez, Artist; and Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, Curator
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