The Montresso Foundation presents JonOne: A Dream Longer Than Night

Morocco’s Montresso Foundation will unveil new work by JonOne titles A Dream Longer Than Night, a collection of oil paintings from the Harlem-born artist. The exhibit runs from December 4 to January 31, 2018, at Espace Montresso in Marrakech. For more than 30 years, JonOne has been questioning the same problem of the urban environment, the explosion of norms and nonconformity. To enjoy JonOne’s painting, one must not love the painting that illustrates, but the painting for itself, in its materiality, its radicality.

In Morocco, he draws a deep inspiration and pushes the possibilities of the mediums he uses to their paroxysms. The material largely escapes from the canvas to land on the floors and walls of his studio at Jardin Rouge. The lattice generated by the flows of material on the canvas induce a certain automatism of the gesture which serves to break any distance between art and life. The viewer can then simply enjoy contemplating rather than watching what is seen.


JonOne is considered one of the “most French of American artists” and has exhibited extensively around the world. His work can be seen at Espace Montresso through January 31st. For more information visit Montresso Art Foundation.

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