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Branding your art for success work shop changes the game for creatives

Branding your art for success work shop changes the game for creatives

The N’Namdi Atelier presents a two-part workshop/lecture series featuring cultural producer, communications specialist and artist Janice Bond. The workshop series will explore collaborative ways of branding and marketing creative practices for artists, makers, and other creative entrepreneurs.

YOUr Art, YOUr Brand, YOUr Business, YOUr Being takes place at N’Nandi Center for Contemporary Art 52 E.Forest Avenue in Detroit Michigan.

In the first session, creative entrepreneurs will explore strategies to more effectively present themselves and their work, discuss topics such as co-branding through collaboration; assets; technology and look at timelines to achieve goals. Additionally, creatives will develop their brand statement, and begin developing an outline for short and long-term brand strategies.

In session two, Creative Career Mapping: Developing A Hyper-Local to Global Strategy to Move Your Art Forward, creative entrepreneurs will take a closer look at their art as a business locally, nationally, and internationally. Participants will evaluate timelines, goals, and other key components, as well as discuss solutions to a spectrum of challenges. With a zeal for the creative and imaginative, Janice Bond is a communications, programs, and business development strategist specializing in arts and culture. A combination of “Northern edge”, “Midwest will”, and “Southern hospitality”, Bond’s forward thinking and high energy approach has been utilized over the past decade in a range of curatorial projects and programs, interactive, and creative marketing campaigns. Purchase tickets here