PRICE OF LOVE is in competition at FESPACO 2015

PRICE OF LOVE, the third feature from leading Ethiopian director Hermon Hailay, produced by Max Conil, will make its World Premiere in competition at the Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO), the largest film festival in Africa. One week later Ms. Hailay and PRICE OF LOVE will make its European Premiere in competition at the 37th Festival International de Films de Femmes in the Paris suburb of Créteil.

In PRICE OF LOVE, a young Addis Ababa taxi driver gets caught up in the dark side of love, causing his taxi to be stolen. He finds himself stuck in a relationship with a prostitute, making him confront his past and discover what is the price of love.

Hermon Hailay, one of Ethiopia’s leading female film writer/directors, with several critically and commercially successful films to her name has just completed her third feature film, PRICE OF LOVE. Her previous films were Baleguru (Country Boy), 2012, and Yaltasbrew (Unthinkable), 2013. She does not shy away from sensitive or difficult subjects matters. She is committed to telling important contemporary Ethiopian stories that speak to both a local and international audience to break the stereotypes of both Ethiopian and African society and culture. She is also working hard to help raise the standard of the young Ethiopian film industry.

Max Conil, is a film and television producer from London, who lives in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia to develop a feature film in 2013, he met Hermon Hailay and formed a partnership to produce contemporary Ethiopian stories that speak to both a local and international audience.

Ms. Hailay was supported in her efforts with PRICE OF LOVE from the International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) and the Ethiopian Film Initiative (EFI). Since 2008, the IEFTA/EFI collaboration has provided an opportunity for young Ethiopian filmmakers to study and learn their craft in Addis Ababa. Through their “From Addis To Cannes” program, the organizations aim to create a bridge for Ethiopian filmmakers to potential funders and distributors while giving them the tools to have a sustainable career in the film business. IEFTA/EFI will help promote the global film conversation with the emerging film community of Ethiopia, a country with a rich heritage and culture. For the audiences of the world at this time of increased globalization, awareness of Ethiopia’s culture through film adds to the richness of the global film expression.
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