Wilfredo Lam Retrospective at the High Museum in Atlanta

Máscara 1940 Oil on canvas 72,4 x 59,7 cm (28 1/2 x 23 1/2 in.) Image is from wilfredolam.net

The High Museum of Art Atlanta is bringing two spirited and fresh exhibits to Fulton County, Georgia February 14 through May 24th, 2014. First up, the late Wilfredo Lam’s work will be the focus of a retrospective of more than 40 paintings and select drawings, prints and ephemera. Many of Lam’s masterworks – drawn from public and private collections across Europe, Latin America and the U.S. – will be presented together for the first time in the exhibition, which offers a rare overview and reëxamination of the artist’s career.

 Oil on canvas 146 x 218 cm (57 1/2 x 85 7/8 in.)

The exhibition will shed light on Lam’s seminal periods of artistic development, tracing the global path of his career from its academic roots in Madrid to Lam’s pivotal stay in pre-war Paris and his return to Cuba in the early 1940s.

 Oil on mounted paper 239,4 x 229,9 cm (94 1/4 x 90 1/2 in.)

The work shows the many important influences on Lam’s career, from the European literary and artistic avant-garde to African art. Born in Cuba to a Chinese father and a mother of African and Spanish descent, Lam (1902-82) gave expression to his multiracial and cultural ancestry while engaging with the major political, literary and artistic circles whose work came to define modernism in the 20th century.

We’re also looking forward to work by Fahamu Pecou that will intersect with Wilfredo Lam’s work. Atlanta-based Pecou will respond to the work of Lam, providing contemporary perspectives on his life and career. Pecou will look at Lam’s artistic legacy through works that explore his  own personal reflections on the artist’s involvement with the Surrealist and Négritude movements, his fusion of African-inspired imagery with that of the natural world, and  Santeria  on Lam’s artistic approach.


The exhibitions will feature mostly new work by  Pecou and will include paintings and sculpture, murals, and sound elements. Miami native Jose’ Parlá and Pecou will also collaborate on an installation in a third space of the museum. You can learn more about the exhibit and the High Museum of Art by Clicking here.

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