Quicky: Sugarcane speaks to Urban Art Pop Phenoms “Flutronix”

Sugarcane has been hip to Flutronix for a while. We love music here and found Flutronix to be refreshing mix of pop and classical music played on the instruments most girls want to play ( at least I did- but I ended up playing the clarinet) and makes it just as appealing as a saxophone. We had a chance to speak to the pair as they gear up to release their next album ” 2.0″.

How did you get started? What brought you together to create this interesting mix of classical music and hip hop? (Allison) When Nathalie and I meet, which was over 5 years ago, because we discovered one others music. We had a lot in common in terms of our experience and the various types of music that we like….that kind of brought us together.

What made you decide to mix all of the genres together? (Nathalie) Both Allison and I really grew up with a fondness for wide array of music, so although we grew up and were trained as classical flutists, hip hop and jazz and electronic music ….it natural progression to start incorporating some of those styles and techniques into our older style, which now we’re calling it urban Art Pop.

What inspires you?(Allison) Outside of music, we’re drawn to an aesthetic ….that’s finer and also a little bit more gritty. It’s the aesthetic we are inspired by both in music and art, fashion. It’s a theme that crosses over, it’s been influential in what we do.

What is on your nightstand? What are you reading?(Allison) My favorite issue of Paper Magazine. They have a wonderful forecasting of who to watch.( Nathalie) I read he New Yorker in the morning and various magazines.

Who are you listening to? ( Nathalie) My latest it group is Empress Of, I think she is a solo act. I recently discovered her on a music blog.I’m really loving her EP. The latest Lupe Fiasco record is very good. I’ve been getting more into Kendrick Lamar; but I’ve been visiting his older stuff now that he’s so popular. ( Allison) I always have a bit of a throw back. I’m always listening to new music …but someone introduced me to the “Cocktail Twins” They’re incredible. I’ve listened to a few of their records in my most recent playlist .

What’s next for you? We just finished mixing our next record which will be out in late August ( 2013). The plan is to do a larger and ambitious tour…. As we promote the next record, really get out there and go international this time.

If you think this snippet was interesting, listen to their latest track:

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