Looking for Donnie

A few years ago, I was looking for a Donny Hathaway song and I came across an album called the Colored Section. I always prided myself in staying up on independent artists and I was surprised that I didn’t recognize this singer with a an interesting title for an album. When I heard it, I was blown away. Here was what I was looking for: a soul singer with a conscious and a real artistic compass. I purchased both of Donnie’s CD’s and awaited his catapult into the industry. Years went by and not only no music from Donnie, but no social media presence. I thought maybe he decided to quit music and go get a nine to five to take care of himself. So, while preparing for the day, I thought about Donnie’s music and decided I’d give it another go and look for him again. Lo and behold I came across this gem.

So , that was a year ago and we still have not heard from him. I’ll hold out hope for a new project from him. Until then we always have Cloud 9.

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