Omega – The Gift And The Curse Gives Fans an Inside Look at the Quintessential Black boy Band, B2K

ALLBLK, the popular streaming service for Black television from AMC Networks, will premiere its final episode of Omega – The Gift And The Curseexclusively on Monday, April 3rd. 

On the final episode of Omega – The Gift And The Curse:

Chapter 5

Omarion looks back on his Millennium Tour experience with B2K and gives insight to other current events. He gives his perspective on the Verzus controversy and shares his perspective on his relationship with his ex-bandmates.

After 15 years, the quintessential Black boy band, B2K, reunited for “The Millennium Tour” in 2019…setting off a firestorm of excitement. The monumental tour broke records and garnered two Billboard Music Award nominations for “Top R&B Tour”, however, behind the bright lights was a show hanging on by a string…with a group in a constant state of chaos. The series gives fans an exclusive look at never-before-seen interviews, rehearsals, tour footage and performances across the U.S. and goes beyond the veil of what it’s like to live under a celebrity microscope, while trying to succeed, transition, rebuild and evolve. Many questions are answered, as singer-songwriter Omarion provides his unique perspective and unprecedented access into his private life…addressing a range of topics from the turbulent relationship with the mother of his children to his thoughts about her relationship with his bandmate.


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