Culture: Good Friday

In many parts of the Diaspora, Africans are celebrating Good Friday, a Christian Holiday that commemorates the death of the man who is credited with creating Christianity, Jesus Christ. Many people go to church to worship, have celebratory dinners with plates piled high with fish and sweets. It is a solemn occasion that affords many the chance to spend family time together. I remember Good Friday as being a day off from school/work but it was my Sunday visits with my grandparents that I remember with fondness and helped shape my spirituality. This song, ” Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” is one of my favorites. I hear this song once a month at a spiritual service that I go to. The vocals are by the incomparable Mississippi Mass Choir with lead vocals by the late Frank Williams and Angela Curry. The vocals are pure and there is none of the extreme vocal acrobatics that some singers do to give themselves “black singing cred”.


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