Talawa Theatre Company Presents Waiting for Godot with an All Black Cast

Talawa Theatre Company in London will bring Waiting for Godot to the stage February 2-25, 2012. The production, directed by Ian Brown , is a classic Samuel Becket play with a fresh performance of the piece with actors Fisayo Akinade (The Boy),Guy Burgess (Lucky), Cornell S John (Pozzo),Jeffery Kissoon (Vladimir) and Patrick Robinson (Estragon). The play, considered one of the best plays of the 20th century, tells the story of two men waiting for something/someone that will never arrive. Pat Cumper, artistic director of Talawa says “The text and the events of the play have their own inner logic. There is no need to impose a concept as Beckett was quite clear This is the play, this is all the play is, and the directors and actors have to trust it. I am tremendously excited by what will happen when the richness of the actors’ experience meets the text in the rehearsal room. It will be a Godot that looks and sounds like no other. Fine British actors whose roots reflect the complexity of Empire’s legacy bringing one of the 20th century’s best plays to the stage”. To see the production as it tours the U. K. click here for tickets

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