Book Review by Randall Kennedy -Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness: What It Means to Be Black Now by Toure

Cultural critic, Rolling Stone contributing writer and coresspondant for MSNBC in U.S. Toure explores the philosophy of Post Blackness in his latest book “ Who’s Afraid of Post Blackness: What it Means to be Black Now. This review by Randall Kennedy for “The Root” may be in disagreement with Toure’s thinking, but is a must read if you follow Post Black Thought( read it here ) I recommend this for those who both support and reject the idea of Post Blackness in America. As a child , I grew up in a a town in Indiana ( The U.S.) that was predominately African American yet had a large Nigerian, Hispanic, Korean and Middle Eastern community. I was still exposed to the world as well as had the chance to experience life outside of what many called “being black” but, I still enjoyed what being a black American meant. So, this book will be an important purchase for me. To purchase your copy, click Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?: What It Means to Be Black Now ” target=”_blank”>here.

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