AfriDominant: Nigeria’s Latest Additions to Internet Culture

Generations of young Africans are changing the way Africa is viewed and experienced by the world. So of course, African innovators have created ways to share literature and film using various platforms. For example, fans of chic lit will be excited to visit Nollybooks, a “bookzine” that features romance stories from an South African perspective and theme. The fare is light and easy to read. It gives black women all over the globe a chance to experience this genre from a global perspective. It’s a great site for women and they are constantly looking for new authors as well. For fans of Nollywood films, is your stop for Nigerian film. This is great for people that don’t have access to these films because they are not close to a major city with an African/Caribbean population. Sugarcane is so excited about the great developments taking place daily across the African continent.

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