ALMA | LEWIS Welcomes Spring/Summer 2024 Artists in Residence Stephen Towns and María de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez

Stephen Towns, Mary McLeod Bethune, 2021, 64 inx43.5in, Natural and synthetic fabric, polyester and cotton thread, crystal glass beads, metal and resin buttons; Portrait photograph by Malik Dupree

ALMA | LEWIS is delighted to announce the arrival of its Spring/Summer Artists in Residence, Stephen Towns and María de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez. The 3-month residency period begins on May 1, 2024. In an exciting development, for the first time, ALMA | LEWIS has expanded its facilities to accommodate both artists simultaneously, providing dedicated spaces for their creative endeavors.

To celebrate the commencement of their residency, ALMA | LEWIS will host an open house on Tuesday, May 28, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This event offers an opportunity for the public to engage with the artists and experience their works in progress.

“Stephen Towns and María de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez bring a wealth of talent and vision to ALMA | LEWIS as our newest Artists in Residence,” said Kilolo Luckett, Executive Director of ALMA | LEWIS. “Their divergent artistic practices and commitment to exploring critical themes make them valuable additions to our creative community. We look forward to supporting and being in fellowship with them and the greater community.”

Stephen Towns, born in 1980 in Lincolnville, SC, and currently based in Baltimore, MD, brings a multifaceted artistic practice that spans painting and quilting. His work has garnered widespread acclaim, with notable exhibitions at institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art. Towns’ art has been featured in prestigious publications including the New York Times, Artforum, and the Washington Post. His residency at ALMA | LEWIS follows a series of accolades, including being the inaugural recipient of the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore Travel Prize and the first Black artist-in-residence at the Fallingwater Institute.

“Embarking on this summer residency at ALMA | LEWIS fills me with anticipation and gratitude. Over the past three years, my studio practice has been marked by its rigor, dedication, and continuous evolution” said Stephen Towns. “Now, as I prepare to immerse myself in this new environment, I am eager to embrace the opportunity for growth, learning, and experimentation. ALMA | LEWIS offers a unique space where I can push the boundaries of my artistic practice, engage with fellow creatives, and explore new avenues of expression. I look forward to the journey ahead and the insights it will undoubtedly bring.”

María de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez, a graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and Yale University, brings her dynamic approach to painting and printmaking to the residency. Rodríguez Jiménez’s work has been showcased in renowned institutions such as the High Museum of Art and the Frost Art Museum. She has received prestigious fellowships, including The Fulbright Research Fellowship and the NYPL Jerome Robbins Dance Fellowship, where she collaborated with Candomblé dancers and practitioners in Brazil.

“I’m honored to become a member of the caring and dynamic legacy cultivated by ALMA | LEWIS and all of its participants. Pittsburgh’s rich history with metal and glass creations are something I’m excited to dive into. I want to learn more about this city’s history and find the connection it certainly has with members of the Yoruba/Caribbean diasporas. I’m excited and curious on how this new environment will affect my studio and research practices.”said María de los Angeles Rodríguez Jiménez.

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