Paris+ par Art Basel Unveils Exciting Public Program for Second Edition

Paris+ par Art Basel has revealed the details of its upcoming citywide public program, which will run parallel to the second edition of the renowned fair running October 19 to 22, 2023. This program, accessible to all, will feature three exhibitions, two monumental outdoor installations, and a series of talks and debates, taking place across six iconic locations in the city. The esteemed venues include Jardin des Tuileries – Domaine national du Louvre, Chapelle des Petits-Augustins des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and Place Vendôme, alongside three new additions: parvis de l’Institut de France, Palais d’Iéna, and Centre Pompidou.

Clément Delépine, Director of Paris+ par Art Basel, expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded program, stating, “I am delighted that with three new venues, we were able to significantly bolster the public program of Paris+ par Art Basel’s upcoming edition. The fruitful institutional partnerships we put in place and the ambitious proposal resulting from them are defining features of our show in the French capital. With Paris+ par Art Basel’s 2023 public program, Parisians and visitors from out of town will be able to experience thought-provoking art and engaging discourse in the context of historical, if not legendary, locations.”

Exhibition at Jardin des Tuileries – Domaine national du Louvre

Collaborating with the Musée du Louvre, Annabelle Ténèze, Director of Les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse, and incoming Director of the Louvre-Lens Museum, will curate an exhibition of public artworks titled “La cinquième saison (The fifth season).” This exhibition, inspired by Ténèze’s previous Tuileries show, “La Suite de l’Histoire” (“The Aftermath of History”), explores the coexistence of water, plants, minerals, and animal life in the garden. Artists including Joël Andrianomearisoa, Meriem Bennani, Jacqueline de Jong, Vojtech Kovarik, Zanele Muholi, Jean Prouvé & Pierre Jeanneret, and Claudia Wieser will present works that emphasize our interconnectedness with the natural world and challenge our interactions with nature.

Paris+ par Art Basel on the parvis de l’Institut de France

American artist Sheila Hicks will present a monumental sculpture titled “The Questioning Column” on the parvis de l’Institut de France. The six-meter-high column, adorned with multicolored strands of sustainable, waterproof textile, will create a striking contrast against the surrounding buildings. Hicks, known for her vibrant and sprawling fabric installations, celebrates the endless possibilities of this medium and its ability to defy rigid artistic classifications.

Paris+ par Art Basel at Palais d’Iéna

The Palais d’Iéna will host an exhibition featuring two artists with extraordinary careers: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Daniel Buren. Supported by Galleria Continua, this project, led by art historian Matthieu Poirier, will unveil works specifically created in response to the unique characteristics of the Palais d’Iéna. Daniel Buren’s exploration of motif and context, using vertical stripes, will interact with the architectural space, while Michelangelo Pistoletto’s mirrored paintings will invite viewers to experience art in vivo, in real space and time.

Paris+ par Art Basel at Chapelle des Petits-Augustins des Beaux-Arts de Paris

British artist Jessica Warboys will present the exhibition “THIS TAIL GROWS AMONG RUINS” at the 17th-century chapel of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The show combines a multichannel video and sound installation with a large collage of unstretched paintings, exploring the intersection between human culture and nature. Warboys’ unique process, involving beeswax, wild bodies of water, and mineral pigments, results in captivating artworks that blur the boundaries between the man-made and the natural.

Paris+ par Art Basel at Place Vendôme

Swiss artist Urs Fischer’s sculpture “Wave” will be exhibited on the iconic Place Vendôme. The five-meter-high aluminum artwork, resembling a sweltering wave, showcases Fischer’s fascination with materiality and scale. The sculpture’s presence on this grand square creates a captivating juxtaposition between its tactile details and the majestic surroundings.

Paris+ par Art Basel Conversations in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou

Conversations, the program of talks curated by Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou, will take place at the Centre Pompidou, renowned for its remarkable architecture. This year’s program will delve into contemporary cultural discourse, celebrating avant-garde figures, exploring the relationship between art collecting and fashion, and shedding light on contemporary myths. The program will be free and open to the public, offering a platform for engaging discussions in both English and French.

Paris+ par Art Basel is set to elevate the artistic experience in the French capital, expanding its presence and collaborations with local cultural institutions and the City of Paris. Visitors can expect a stimulating combination of art, dialogue, and historical significance during the fair’s second edition.

For further information, please visit The complete list of participating artists will be unveiled in September, while the fair itself will take place from October 19 to 22, 2023.

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