Nigerian-Texan Artist Moyo Oyelola Explores Personal Freedom and Authority with New Exhibition

The Carver Museum presents The Department of the People + Process, a groundbreaking interactive art exhibition that examines questions of authority and the sovereignty of the human journey. The captivating exhibition runs from Nov. 3 through Feb. 25, 2023 at the Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center on 1165 Angelina Street.

The interactive exhibition features the work of Moyo Oyelola, an interdisciplinary and multimedia artist known for his photography and profound storytelling by manner of large-scale multimedia installations.  

As bold as it is mischievous, The Department of the People + Process pokes at societal norms and invites attendees to reflect, dream and participate in the concept. This experiential work evolves in real-time, extending the audience’s footprint from passive consumption to active participation as they answer the exhibition’s questions and contribute to the narrative. Participants’ lived experiences are explored in an inspiring container for the reclamation and expression of self. 

“This show is a culmination of work I started in 2020 when I was making art in residence with the Line Hotel,” explained Oyelola, “The past few years have been reformative and perspective-changing for everyone. I’m interested in the ways in which the old status quo is creating a collective and individual discomfort with authority and bureaucracy.”

Oyelola’s diasporic influences are woven into the fabric of the show, combining the potency and playfulness of his Yoruba heritage with his futuristic and, at times, piercing viewpoint. The exhibition promises surprises, provocation and interactivity, pulling at the artist’s favorite threads that include identity, community and sovereignty. But this time, the audience is invited to pull with him. 

Visit the website and Instagram for future processing days open to public participation. 

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