2020 Open Call: NYC Latinx Womxn Identifying Performance Artists

WhiteBox Harlem in collaboration with FEMILIA will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and its Full Electoral Power.  Presenting a digital and IRL performance program unfolding between Hispanic Heritage Month in October through the US election in November, the event will be live streamed and archived during a month long event series featuring femme identifying Latinx creative leaders across media. Performances will be between 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  Performances will be featured on screen inside Architectura Hacha installations at Whitebox in Spanish Harlem.  The month long exhibition will serve as an architectural and digital archive of contemporary, feminine Latinx resistance strategies of, by and for our community. Performers will engage the intimate, ancestral architecture of these proto democratic installations. Ranging from Casitas, Bohios, Longhouses, Tipis and Shabono installations – are just a few of the congregational spaces that housed our community’s pre-colonial ritual and political practices. Simultaneously capturing today’s matriarchal Latinx movement and indigenous democratic structures from the Americas, these timeless gestures will serve to unify our Femilia with Survival Strategies. The show of architectura hacha (hacked architecture) creates an open platform for multisensory, intersectional community dialog before and beyond the US election. Performances of Citizenship will repurpose our screens and movements as a sanctuary for our ungovernable bodies.  Apply here.

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