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Spinello Projects Debut Watercolorist Jared McGriff Solo Show, Alone,Together

Spinello Projects Debut Watercolorist Jared McGriff Solo Show, Alone,Together

Spinello Projects is delighted to announce the debut solo show, Alone,
Together, by Miami-based artist Jared McGriff.  
The exhibition runs through October 31st, 2019.

Quiet is as kept.

McGriff uses imagined portraiture and landscape to explore the relationships between people and their environment. A suite of over twenty paintings on paper and canvas seek to generate questions and conversation about how we perceive intimacy and familiarity. McGriff’s gestural use of multiple paint mediums composes portraits based on memories, set in
blank spaces, creating narratives in the viewer’s imagination. 

McGriff is concerned with people feeling belonging in the world, and recording that transient feeling. Moments where impermanence threatens communal connections, whether willful or not, are central to these
paintings. The individual, is pinned in contrast to the group, where the
group is made up of individuals; each person is struggling to belong and hold their social relationships as cloely as they have to hold on to their
self. His loose handling of his materials recalls a face of someone in our
own memories, reflect-ing back at us.

McGriff states, “spontaneous communion between memory fragments
and materials…develop narratives about how the individual relates to the group.” Alone, Together reaches towards what’s familiar, through these
portraits and stories, to ask what’s more important to us, connecting
deeper with ourselves or with each other? 

Jared McGriff (Los Angeles, 1977) received his BA in architecture from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley in 1999 and his MBA in Finance from New York University in 2008.
Group exhibitions of his work have been staged at venues in
San Francisco, Oakland, and Miami. He lives and works in Miami and is
represented by Spinello Projects.

Jared McGriff’s paintings are inspired by visual distortions, memory
fragments and ephemera. Capturing the cultural cues and transitory
familiarity of his surroundings, McGriff’s work is an accessible depiction of the human condition. The lives of imagined subjects are experiences of cultures both interrupted and, summarily, monetized. His time spent in
the American West have manifested voyages distilled in paintings
through simple line, color and composition. Ideas related to isolation,
estrangement, and spontaneity punctuate his sketches, drawings and
painting. Individual portraits communicate how individuals relate to
their immediate environment and themselves. Portraits with multiple
sitters display interactions to and with one another in the context of a
unit. Distortions and exaggerations of limbs, postures, and features are
met within compositions that
further the discussion of these ambiguous relationships. Many of these
works begin with abstract mark-making and sketches using pencil,
ballpoint pen, ink, followed by oil or pastel stick, then watercolor and ink wash layers with further layers in watercolor, oil and acrylic paint. The
opening reception takes place September 13, 2019 at 6 PM. Directions are here