Executive Director And Chief Curator, Gia M. Hamilton, To Lead New Orleans African American Museum of Art, History a​nd, Culture (NOAAM) In Historic Treme, New Orleans

Above: Gia Hamilton by Jeremy Tauriac

The New Orleans African American Museum of Art, History, and Culture (NOAAM) is delighted to announce the appointment of New Orleans Native and Treme resident Gia M. Hamilton as the beloved institution’s interim Executive Director and Chief Curator. Anthropologist, cultural steward, and NOLA native Gia Hamilton is known for her transformative work as former Center Director at the Joan Mitchell Center (artist residency program of the Joan Mitchell Foundation), the WELCOME TO THE AFROFUTURE experience at Miami Art Basel 2018, ​Modern Matriarch
Tour​, and her book ​Meditations For Radical
Hamilton, ​recently featured in Cultured Magazine​, is looking forward to supporting NOAAM with preserving and celebrating the artistic and scholarly contributions of African Americans in New Orleans/from New Orleans globally. “Reopening this critical space in Treme is a labor of love, a purpose project, and part of legacy work that will require community, funding, and support from those who care about Black people, our contributions, and our narrative. I am no savior, but I was raised to be a woman of my word. I promise to work with integrity and transparency as we bring beautiful, thought-provoking work and amazing creatives to this space.” says Ms. Hamillton.

The NOAMM reopening will take place in early April (date to be announced), featuring the exhibition “​Everywhere We Are || Everywhere We Go” ​– a historical chronology of people of African descent in Treme and the contributions of Black New Orleanians in this most important
neighborhood in New Orleans; Paper Monuments which opens in May “​Claiming Space” featuring the 40 posters from the past three years of work with the City of New Orleans as well as 10 commissioned ephemeral public art pieces by local artists, and ​“Welcome to the Afrofuture: Ground Zero” ​which will make its way back from Miami to New Orleans and expand with work from artists like Ceaux, Courtney Buckley, Soraya Jean Louis, Kristina Kay Robinson and more performers, mixed media artists and other creatives.
More information is coming soon, but until then, supporters can follow ​NOAMM ​on Instagram: @noaamtreme.

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