If you’re in Lagos: Butterflies over the City by Alimia Wale at OM’s Flat

Alimia Wale’s Butterflies over the City, on view May 20-27th, explores nature and connecting with it and knowing that nature can be a source of solace. Urbanization and the rapid pace of development are fostering a sense of disconnection from the natural world within us. The people in the city can no longer contemplate what and how nature is. The simple activities of watching a bird in flight, glancing at the cloud formations in the sky or even looking at growing plants are increasingly becoming difficult to experience.

Work by Alimia Wale

1. City Blues I
Work by Alimia Wale

‘Butterflies over the City’ is a reminder of how nature is our foundation, nourishment, comfort and our treasury. And it is only by accounting for the full, comprehensive and irreplaceable value of nature in our decision making that we can secure the future of our society.

OM’s Flat is an Artist-centered interdisciplinary space for experimental work by Artists who do not have critical acceptance from the public based on their work approach, subject and style. OM’s Flat contemporary hybrid art space model is not motivated by the desire of “filling a void” or creating a counter-culture in the already variegated field of Art in Nigeria, but rather by the willing of creating a new self-shaped culture that will fit a community. OM’s Flat is designed by Artists with ideas and ideals beyond the traditional gallery space.

OM’s Flat,Plot 1699 Sanusi Fanfunwa
Opposite Miele Victoria Island.

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