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Three winners of the inaugural “Art of Aromas” scholarship competition sponsored by the Doctor Aromas Foundation, a local non-profit with a special focus on fragrance research and its application as part of the creative and educational process, will be announced at the award ceremony and reception on February 20, 2016, noon, at the Brickell City Center (700 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131). The exhibit and reception are open to competition students, their families, teachers, school officials and members of the community. Winners will receive a total of $4,500 in prize money.

Approximately 50 high school students between grades 10 to 12 from Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ top creative arts schools- including New World School of the Arts, Miami Arts Charter Homestead (MAC), and Design & Architecture Senior High School (DASH) – have registered to enter the competition.

In a cutting edge move within the aroma industry, the Doctor Aromas Foundation introduced the entrants to Doctor Aromas’ latest scent – “White Velvet”, a floral blend with tones of blooming tuberose, peonies, and ylang ylang essential oils – and required their creations be inspired by and inclusive of this exciting new fragrance. Winners will be chosen for their creativity and how the White Velvet fragrance has inspired their art.

“Doctor Aromas Foundation encourages the idea that scent belongs in art, despite the fact that few artists ever activate the olfactory sense through their work. Given the powerful effects of scent to prompt intense feelings and memories we knew this would be a fascinating take on art interpretation, while giving back to the future of our community, our youth,” said Violeta Horne, Director of Sales and Marketing, Doctor Aromas.

This is Doctor Aromas Foundation’s first year sponsoring this competition. The goal is to give students the chance to be pioneers in this scent centric art form. The foundation plans to make this an annual tradition.

“In the same way that opera is a fusion of theater and music, that film is an evolved form of photography, that Pina Bausch blends dance and drama, we are convinced that the combination of aromas and visual arts is an art form in itself,” added Horne

The competing art pieces are scheduled to be privately judged on February 18, 2016 by Maile Aquila from Brickell City Center, White Velvet creator and perfumer Arnaud Winter of Cosmo International Fragrances and Rolando Epstein, CEO, Doctor Aromas.

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