CFI and CANAL + AFRIQUE launch ” Africa Feminine Short Documentary Competition”

Canal France International (CFI) assists, for 24 years, the development and modernization of the media in the South.
Africa, in addition to its historical role with televisions, CFI participates in the structuring and building industry programs through support strategy multiplied: purchases and pre-purchasing rights, distribution of more than 250 hours of programming produced in Africa for public and private television continent, training for technical and artistic production teams.

CANAL + AFRIQUE is a provider of satellite pay television in Africa.
Present in more than 30 countries in Africa and Central West, CANAL + AFRIQUE markets bouquet CANALSAT comprised of more than 100 television and radio channels including 22 African public and private.

As part of their commitment as partners of African cinema, and CFI CANAL + AFRIQUE joined forces to launch a call for proposals for the production of short documentaries reserved for African filmmakers.

“Africa feminine” is a project around a collection of documentaries lasting between 8-12 minutes, the theme today Succeed in Africa.

CFI and Canal + Africa will select a total of 10 projects .

CFI support will focus on two courses: first aid training in writing a week and a second course of ten days dedicated to the assembly.

The contribution of CANAL + AFRIQUE will take the form of logistical support for training and purchase of broadcast rights to applu, choose the a link at the bottom of this page

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