#SupportBlackart : Two Art Basel Kick Starter Projects to Support

In 2014, Art Basel joined the crowdfunding revolution with the goal of helping non-profits raise money for exciting ventures. The projects were selected by Hamad Nasar, a curator and writer, and Head of Research and Programmes at the Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong), an independent non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the recent history of contemporary art in Asia within an international context, Glenn Phillips,Acting Head of the Department of Architecture and Contemporary Art at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles and Mario Spirito,the Director/Curator of Protocinema, a transnational, site-aware nonprofit based in Istanbul. Sugarcane is excited to learn that two of the organization that are eligible for the crowd sourcing program are African Diasporic organizations. Here is your opportunity to support them and show Art Basel that we will support Black art:

International photography festival LagosPhoto is expanding their programming to create year-round exhibitions, workshops, and mentorships with leading local and international artists in Lagos to cement a permanent presence for the transformative powers of photography in Nigeria.


The NAGB preserves and displays the National Collection of Bahamian Art while fostering local artists. They assume a critical role in the development of visual arts culture and national identity through community projects, arts education, and a free public art library.

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