New Sugarcane Series for 2015 Covers the Best of Africa

Sugarcane Magazine, dedicated to uniting and exposing creatives from Africa and the African diaspora,  will present it’s latest media project Sugarcane Magazine: Top 5. Continuing the mission  of being the place where all creatives of African descent thrive and are the top focus, the Sugarcane Magazine : Top 5 will  show you the best books, exhibits, music, film, products and tech gadgets by Black creators. ” I always felt like Sugarcane Magazine would be a great TV show. It made sense to me and I decided to not wait for someone to green light this project ; I could do it myself.” says Melissa Hunter Davis, the creator of Sugarcane Magazine and the Principal at Sugarcane Media, Sugarcane’s publisher. Sugarcane Magazine: Top 5 will begin in January 2015. To subscribe to the channel click here.


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