Arte: The Boom Box

The concept of the BoomBox Exhibition; presented by House of Art Gallery, is to demonstrate the influence of the boombox through various facets from the 70’s-mid 80’s; such as fashion, music and politics. The Boombox was an intrinsic part of incubating so much sonic New York history, in pulling together this study we’ll see, live and embrace a device that was part of the fabric of the city.The House of Art Gallery endeavors to exhibit Lyle’s work from his love of the “boombox” as well as other influential, established artists who felt inspired from the era. The group exhibition will feature seminal Boombox celebrated works from; Jamel Shabazz, Justin Bua, Frank Morrison, Dan Ericson, Najee Dorsey, Charlotta Janssen, Nina Boesch and Phyllis Stephens. The opening reception will be a special night to meet the artists, discuss their passions, and reminisce about memories held when the boombox became a staple through a persuasive era.The exhibition runs April 12, 2013 through June 9, 2013. For more information visit here.

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