Harriet Ann Jacobs: Celebrating Black History Month in the United States

February is Black History in the United States and Sugarcane will celebrate great artists of the past and future. It is impossible to be able to cover everyone ( we only have 28 days) so we will cover important yet under celebrated gems. Today we remember Harriet Ann Jacobs, the author of Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl. Ms. Jacobs was born a slave, yet was encouraged to learn by her owner. After her original owner died, she had two children by a white man that became a U.S. Congressman later in life and escaped slavery by living in a crawl space in her grandmothers home for 7 years. She later able to moved North, where she penned her story under the pseudonym Linda Brent. Her story is a fascinating one and a must read for readers with an interest in American history. Here is a link to the complete PDF of the book.

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