Arte: 11th Annual Cuba Biennial May 11-June 12 2012

The Havana Art Biennial takes place in Havana every two years, and aims at promoting the “Third World” contemporary art. The Havana Art Biennial is considered as an important forum for underrepresented voices, and Latin American and Caribbean artists still have priority even though art work by artist from all over the world are accepted. The Havana Art Biennial is one of the most anticipated events for Cuba artists anxious to make their work known to the world. The entire Havana city becomes an expansive gallery in which different genres, themes and points of views converge.

It attracts foreign artists, while Cuba’s masters take advantage of the event to make their works better known. Exhibitions, installations and performances take place at numerous museums, galleries, streets and other institutions.

The first Havana Art Biennial was established in 1984, long before the worldwide boom of biennials that emerged in the mid-nineties. for more informtion visit

Here is footage of the Festival ( in French/Spanish) :

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