Cinema: Ni Wakati ( It’s Time )

From the ashes of the Mau Mau in East Africa to the Black Panthers in America, arises a movement to awaken people globally especially in Africa, to the opportunities that now exist. Hip-hop’s dead prez and Africa’s Kalamashaka, reconnects Africans as we witness the handing over the torch to the next generation.
Ni Wakati (It’s Time) is a story that re-introduces Africa’s rich diversity to the rest of the World, as M1 (dead prez) and Umi (P.O.W.) travel to East Africa. They connect with Ukoofulani Mau Mau a revolutionary youth movement of artists in the slums of Dandora based in Nairobi. They share music, food and culture as they break mistaken myths about Africa. They collectively travel to Arusha in Tanzania where they connect with former Black Panther members Mzee Pete O’Neal and Mama Charlotte O’Neal who are now community organizers. They bridge the gap between the young and the old as they collectively confront the different challenges from the radical past of the panthers to the present youth using their avenues responsibly for this generation.

Ni Wakati (It’s Time) also features interviews with Geronimo Ji Jaga, Mama Charlotte O’Neal, Davey D, Toni Blackman, Binyavanga Wainaina, Kama Ngigi and Albert Josiah amongst others. Thanks Shadow and Act for the heads up on this project. Watch the trailer below :

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