Musica: Looking back at George Johnson

When it comes to African people, race is always a “delicate ” topic. We have seen that with Europe’s handling of aid to African countries that don’t subscribe to European ideologies as well as in the United States with it’s racist behavior cloaked in political squabbles. So when I checked my Facebook account today, I came across this YouTube video of George Johnson, the first African American Singer to ever record music. The genre was called “Coon Music” and of course, is beyond offensive to African Americans. I post it here not to offend , but to educate and inform. Why? Because it is a part of our history and nothing more than that. This genre of music was immensely popular during the the late 1800’s (1850-1890) and 1 in 15 recordings that were released was coon music written by African American songwritters. Here is the YouTube Video. By the way, thanks to for the upload.

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