Romare Bearden’s Centennial

Romare Bearden was one of the best artists in the world. He was more than an African American Artist or even an American artist; he was a great artist. This year marks Romare Bearden’s Centennial celebration. Often excluded from important anthologies on American Art, Bearden’s work is a testament to the greatness that descendants of African slaves shared with the United States. There are quite a few resources available to shed light on this jewel in the crown of American art . There is the book From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden ” target=”_blank”>From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden
, Romare Bearden ” target=”_blank”>Romare Bearden . There is also a wonderful catalog that accompanied the National Gallery of Art’s Spring Show , Romare Bearden, American Modernist (Studies in the History of Art Series) ” target=”_blank”>Romare Bearden, American Modernist . If you want to travel with friends and family to see the work of Romare Bearden, visit for details on exhibits dedicated to his work.

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