The Monumental Tour Debuts Most Recent Commission—Kennedy Yanko’s Tilted Lift—at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Above: Kennedy Yanko.
The Monumental Tour—a traveling outdoor art exhibit, empowering social change through public sculpture—led by Kindred Arts, today announced its latest intervention: Artist Kennedy Yanko will soon join the legacy of acclaimed American artists Arthur Jafa, Coby Kennedy, Christopher Myers, and Hank Willis Thomas, when her piece, Tilted Lift debuts at MOCAD. Yanko’s contribution, a nearly-10 ft composition of salvaged and repositioned steel joined with paint skin—a sumptuous, bodily material that points back to Yanko’s beginnings as a painter—connotes a particular tenderness. 
“Tenderness is an expanding gesture,” said Kindred Arts Director and Curator of the Monumental Tour, Marsha Reid. “With Kennedy Yanko’s addition to the tour, we enter a biracial female perceptual experience and a perspective on construction of identity that was previously absent.”
Fittingly, Titled Lift will open during Women’s History Month, not only underscoring the artist’s perspective and significance within the Tour, but also situating the work’s conceptual core. When Yanko conceived of this work, she was reflecting on and considering the constitution and composition of family comprehensively. “Care is deeply embedded in my practice — caring for myself and others is not only part of my experience as a woman but is part of my responsibility as an artist.” said artist, Kennedy Yanko. “Tilted Lift speaks to that through dynamic movement and shifting gravities.”The work’s debut at MOCAD will take the Monumental Tour further into the conversation around care; this piece provides the opportunity to look at interior motivations and concerns that extend beyond the public and political construction of their racial identity, examining our most human tendencies: to nurture, to cooperate and collaborate, to be resilient. 
Those interested in learning about the work and seeking information on public programs can visit the exhibit virtually at www.monumentaltour.orgThis exhibition is free and open to the public. 
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