Galerie Myrtis Announces Landmark 2022 Venice Biennial

Above: Black and Blue by Felandus Thames.

Galerie Myrtis is pleased to announce European Cultural Centre has invited Galerie Myrtis to participate in the 2022 Venice Biennial Art exhibition “Personal Structures: Time, Space and Existence” in Venice, Italy. The exhibition runs from April 23 – November 27, 2022, and expects to draw over 600,000 people from all over the world!

In the exhibition, “The Afro‐Futurist Manifesto: Blackness Reimagined” eight African-American artists construct a future forged in their African ancestry and Afrofuturism’s ideology to expand the notion of Blackness at the intersection of technology and liberation. The exhibition asserts Afrofuturism as the cross-cultural philosophy of artists, musicians, and writers who draw inspiration from techno-utopian thinking of the space age to reimagine Black life. Contextualized through Personal Structure’s overarching themes of time, space, and existence, artists draw from Afrofuturism’s philosophy in creating works that become the discourse for the African American community’s concerns.

Featured artists in this exhibition includes Tawny Chatmon, Larry Cook, Morel Doucet, Monica Ikegwu, M. Scott Johnson, Delita Martin, Arvie Smith, and Felandus Thames.

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