WORLD Channel Celebrates 30th Year
of the Americans with Disabilities Act

WORLD Channel will mark the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act this July with feature films and online events that highlight inclusive and diverse programming about people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Having a disability shouldn’t mean that people should be looked at differently, they want to be treated like everyone else and have the necessary help for everyday life. It is why having TPD insurance (which you can find more about at Curo Financial) is so important in many industries. However, even if someone is born disabled that doesn’t mean they should be excluded. Far from it, they should also be given the tools and infrastructure that they require without a second thought. After all, for some, their disability is long-term and they have to find ways on dealing with it daily, searching for long-term disability insurance information can help them know their rights and have a clearer understanding of what can happen.

In addition to programming, WORLD Channel is partnering with public media’s Move to Include initiative, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Move to Include brings together compelling content and live engagement events to encourage dialogue about disability issues. The initiative was originally developed by WXXI and the Golisano Foundation in Rochester, New York. Led by WXXI, the national initiative includes WFYI in Indianapolis, Oregon Public Broadcasting, WGCU in Southwest Florida, WCNY Syracuse and Iowa PBS.

WORLD Channel’s series America ReFramed will feature five important documentary films with the Move to Include theme throughout July. To make them even more widely available, these five films are being offered free of charge to all public media stations across the country. (Check local listings.) These films are:

  • America ReFramed: Vision Portraits takes viewers along on the personal journey of acclaimed director Rodney Evans as he ponders how the deterioration of his vision will affect his life and work as a filmmaker. Interviewing blind and low-vision artists — including a photographer, a dancer, and a writer — Evans embarks on a quest to profile artists who have persevered to create work despite their disabilities and whose journeys serve as inspiration for him and the world.

Airs Saturday, July 4, at 10 pm ET on WORLD Channel.

  • America ReFramed: Enter the Faun is the culmination of an intensive two-year collaboration between veteran choreographer Tamar Rogoff and Gregg Mozgala, a young actor with cerebral palsy. Their creative exploration at the intersection of science and art led them to challenge the limitations associated with disability. Showcasing stories like this is so important, the world needs to know what disabled people go through as well as show others who are going through something similar that they should not hide. Being disabled comes with a lot of planning, this includes, deciding the best power wheelchair rentals for them to use, all the way to how they can modify their homes to suit their current situation.

Airs Tuesday, July 7, at 8 pm ET on WORLD Channel.

  • America ReFramed: Deej is the Peabody-Award winning story of DJ Savarese (“Deej”), a gifted young writer and advocate for non-speaking individuals with autism. Once considered a “profoundly disabled” foster kid on a fast track to nowhere, the film captures DJ’s first-year at college where he insists on standing up for his peers: people too often dismissed as incompetent because they are neurologically different. Will Deej be able to find freedom and opportunities for himself and others like him?

Airs Tuesday, July 14, at 8 pm ET on WORLD Channel.

  • America ReFramed: Intelligent Lives follows Micah, Naieer, and Naomie, three young adults with intellectual disabilities who work toward a future with increased inclusion and independence thanks to the support of family, educators and colleagues. Academy Award-winning actor Chris Cooper narrates and shares the story of his late son, Jesse, in order to illustrate that a person’s potential can reach beyond rigid IQ tests.

Airs Tuesday, July 21, at 8 pm ET on WORLD Channel.

  • America ReFramed: Perfectly Normal for Me follows Alexandria, Jake, Caitlin and Veronica, ages 5 to 15, as they reveal what it’s like to live with physical disabilities. Their parents search out nurturing opportunities where they are accepted and feel valued, from clinical services and adaptive skiing to a unique after-school dance program in Queens, New York. With the dedication of parents, teenage volunteer helpers, choreographers and physical therapists, differently abled students prepare and perform an exciting spring dance recital that inspires audiences across the country.

Airs Tuesday, July 28, at 8 pm ET on WORLD Channel.

“In our efforts to amplify the voices and tell the stories of communities of difference, we have been inspired by the struggles and triumphs of those who too-often are ignored and excluded,” said WGBH and WORLD Channel General Manager Liz Cheng. “With our Move to Include partner stations, we focus not only on the challenges and opportunities that face those with disabilities but also on ways interested allies can help. We are proud to air these films on WORLD and share them with stations across the country.”

In addition to the feature films, WORLD Channel will share a programming collection that curates documentaries and programs from across public media stations highlighting stories of people with intellectual and physical disabilities. The collection will be shared July 26, the 30th anniversary of the day the ADA was signed into law.

WORLD Channel also will host a series of screening events and panel discussions designed to delve further into critical issues affecting this community. Already being planned are screenings for America ReFramed’s Vision Portraits and Intelligent Lives. An updated schedule of events can be found at

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