Cinema: The Other Slave Film – Addio Zio Tom/Good Bye Uncle Tom

Django Unchained has been a catalyst for conversations about film and race for a few months. Everyone has opinions about the language that was used, the style of the film and even if our African ancestors are offended. All of theses concerns are valid and have place in constructive conversations about the film and how people process the images. However, this film is not an unexampled look at slavery. One film that stands out is Addio Zio Tom/Goodbye Uncle Tom ( 1971) directed by Italian directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi. The film is a pseudo documentary about slavery and its effects on African Americans ans well as how the effects of slavery influenced the work of Black Power Movement. This film is extremely graphic, using actual accounts of violence against African Americans and shows how African in the Americas were really treated -like animals and at best, objects. We are embedding the film below. When watching this film , do not expect Oscar worthy performances . The acting was terrible but the content, though extremely violent gives us an uncensored view of what slavery did to the Africans in the Americas.

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