The Royal Opera House Presents new Docu-Opera ” Yes”

In 2009 the writer and cultural commentator Bonnie Greer was invited to appear on the BBC’s flagship political discussion programme Question Time alongside the leader of a right-wing nationalist political party. The BBC’s decision to transmit the programme, and Bonnie Greer’s decision to appear in it, provoked a storm of discussion. Bonnie has written the libretto for this brand-new ‘docu-opera’ by award-winning composer Errollyn Wallen, which is made from Bonnie’s own experiences and from the many public and private responses to the situation. An ensemble of seven musicians, including an electronic soundscape with the recorded voice of Errollyn Wallen, will accompany a cast of nine singers, and Bonnie herself, to play out the emotional and political turmoil of a wide range of individual British citizens, each with their own personal and cultural perspective. Show times are November 22, 23, 25, 26 at 7:45 PM. Go here for tickets.

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