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Sugarcane- Issue 2

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Sugarcane Magazine’s inaugural issue! Issue I is dedicated to the Black woman working in the arts. So often, Black women innovate and work hard; we contribute so much to the world, we start and shape movements and trends, but we are often invisible. This issue erases that. We feature exciting women from all over the African diaspora like Ebony G Patterson , Brianna Faulkner, Waller Gallery , Sienna Shields ( meet her December 5th at 3 PM during Prizm Art Fair ) , Mikhaile Solomon , fashion designer Nyorh Agwe , Naoimi Gurrero , Photography by Johanne Rahman of Black Florida , our cover Photo by Zanele Muholi, currently on exhibit now at NSU Art Museum
and the women responsible for the grand opening of the Musee du Civilisation Noir in Dakar.

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Welcome to issue two! Sugarcane speaks to Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Ekene Ijeoma, Dehja Carrington and we look at new work by our cover artist, Wangari Mathenge.

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