Acclaimed Actress, Director and Acting Coach Tasha Smith Expands Her TSAW Actors Workshop With Online Classes

Acting is hard. Getting a career in acting is even harder. You have to train your skills, develop your characters, audition for roles, and so much more! So many people are fighting to be seen in the industry that it can be hard to find success on your own. This is why so many budding actors learn more about Truthful Acting in order to get classes, hire agents, and use their contacts within the industry to make it big. And there’s no shame in getting help making it big – you can’t do everything yourself! You just need to make sure the help you’re getting is reliable. For example, if you don’t research your acting teacher before you attend a class, you might be taught poor methods that could actually harm your career. You need reliable teachers.

For example, Tasha Smith has had an accomplished and varied career in entertainment. Whether she is tackling a plethora of fan-favorite acting roles, crafting stories from behind the camera as a director or supporting other artists through the Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop (TSAW,) Tasha’s impact on Hollywood runs deep. Launching on August 31st, Tasha’s accredited actor resource, TSAW, will expand its classes to students online – making it possible for actors at different stages in their careers to continue to safely hone their craft during the unexpected COVID-19 health crisis.

“I started TSAW about 15 years ago because I wanted to help young talent to break into the industry,” says Smith. “It was important to me to encourage and empower actors, in the Black community in particular, who don’t always feel like they belong, who needed a safe place to do what they love with peers and coaches who understand them. I wanted to be that safe place and provide them with tools and techniques that will make them strong and confident actors. I am so excited to now be able to offer TSAW virtually!”

Through TSAW’s virtual portal, Smith is offering a wide array of classes for actors at all levels – ranging from beginning courses to in-depth advanced coaching. Some of the interactive and on-going curriculum that students will have the opportunity to access include Scene Study, Instrumental Exercises, Emotional Prep, Character Development and Audition Prep with TSAWs roster of highly trained coaches. Depending on the popularity of these courses over time, TSAW may even wish to expand the course access to other platforms-being featured on Skillshare Courses or Udemy could make more people aware of the offerings and encourage them to take up acting on a serious, professional level.

Since its conception, TSAW has provided a platform of support and community. Students of TSAW have included luminaries such as Mary J. Blige, Lauren London, Brandy Norwood, Andra Day, Amin Joseph, Lance Gross, Gabrielle Dennis, Brandee Evans, among many others.

“I have hired Tasha in front of the screen as an actor, behind the screen as a director, and offscreen as an acting coach. Tasha’s commitment to the work and to our Black community of artists as a whole is next to spiritual. Only come to her if you’re willing to take your craft to the next level.” – Lee Daniels

“TSAW is place of uncompromising standards. It is a safe space in which to plant your unique spirit; to expand and enhance your craft. That investment is one to be considered seriously. Tasha Smith and her teachers are committed to the mission of providing the tools, training and technique that will make a positive and profound difference not only in your artistry; but in life.” – Angela Bassett

“I was referred to Tasha by the amazing Denzel Washington. She’s such a powerful coach. She brings things out of us we didn’t know we were hiding to give to the character. Her teaching is a therapy session as well as an acting class. Working with Tasha Smith on my breakthrough film Mudbound got me an Oscar nomination for my performance.” – Mary J. Blige

“TSAW completely changed my life as an actress. Working with Tasha Smith provided a foundation of safety so I could embrace every range of emotion. She knows how to bring out the absolute best in me and everyone she works with. Tasha’s techniques, and the way she cares for her students births confidence.” – Brandy Norwood

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