Africa’s most troubling setbacks can be resolved by embracing speculative literature and modern technology. The ongoing Great War of Africa can be terminated according to Resurrecting the King – a new science fiction novel written by Stafford Battle.

European colonialism ripped away from Africa trillions of dollars in mineral wealth, pristine forests, precious wildlife and human labor. Diverse communities that peacefully co-existed for hundreds of years became violent adversaries after greedy industrialists sliced up an entire continent for selfish profits. Bloody atrocities and senseless chaos destroyed the homes and livelihoods of millions of people – creating and intensifying the Great War of Africa. Now, as natural resources dwindle and humanity faces dire climate challenges, this war could destabilize the entire planet, pushing civilization back into the stone-age.

Africa can resuscitate itself. But communities must endorse plausible interactions to solve universal, human problems such as famine on a continent that is abundant with food; and end illiteracy where writing was created. AFROFuturism can inspire individuals to cooperate and flourish in the 21st century regardless of traditional bias or misguided political affiliations.

According to Battle, the following goals have to be considered:

1) Establish sustainable economic fair trade within Africa and its diaspora scattered around the world.

2) Support basic healthcare, access to renewable energy and universal education for every person, regardless of age, gender, religion or historical background.

3) Resurrect a fearless leadership to unite people regardless of language, skin color or religion. We are all African. We survive together, or we die together.

Battle’s new book Resurrecting the King is a new AFROFuturistic sci-fi novel that explores how to construct a better society from the ashes of a dying world. Using sophisticated bioengineering, a sovereign can be reborn who rises above petty tribal, nationalistic or greedy corporate interests. He will lead the people into utopia. However, technology and magic must be carefully applied to create a people’s champion and not a raging monster. Science fiction and science fact influence our daily lives and change the politics of the globe for good and evil. AFROFuturism suggests that the Frankenstein myth – nearly 200-years old – is plausible and critical to allowing a modern hi-tech society to endure and mature.

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